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Jane Hall, Richard Doyon, Peta Luna receive
Palme d'Or for best Script at
Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2003


A screwball romantic comedy, fish-out-of-water story, about Jan, who comes to America from Germany and becomes seduced by the good, the bad and the ugly of Hollywood only to finally realize that none of it is worth the true love that he’s lost.

Take one German sausage salesman enamored with the Hollywood dream factory who comes to Los Angeles for a trade show; add in a mixture of off-beat characters, an egocentric director just out of rehab and his self-centered Russian socialite wife, a crafty Korean donut lady, a depressed paranoid cop, Zulus, pygmies, German oom-pah band, Corsican goatherds, Arabs, a psycho skin-head, an acerbic midget hotel desk clerk, and Walter "the egg-man"; cook slowly with a beautiful German nanny in love with our hero; and you end up with a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy. Jan comes to America and finds that the real Hollywood is quite different than his romanticized version. Through a freak accident, the star-struck Jan gets sucked into and blinded by the "movie scene," never makes it to his trade show, and in the process meets Geraldine, the starlet of his dreams, and Mark, a director shooting another of his post-rehab cinematic masturbations. When Jan returns to earth, he finds that he has lost Sandra, his new-found love and returns to Germany, a changed man, who has come to realize that there is more to life than tinsel town and that there is more than one way to eat an egg.

Written by: Jane B. Hall, Petra Luna and Richard Doyon


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