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Jean-Pierre Tibi

An award-winning composer, singer, and musician, Jean-Pierre composed and performed the score for Bright Light Studio's The Mission.

He moved to Los Angeles from France in 1987 to write music for film and since has scored a number of award winning documentaries and feature films. He was nominated for the George Delerue Award at the Flanders International Film Festival in 1995 for his score of The Monkey Kid.

Many of the films he's scored have received popular acclaim including Oscar and Emmy nominations. His site contains excerpts of all his film music — including The Monkey Kid, The Blank Point, and I'm Seducible, the latest film of The Beijing-San Francisco Film Group.

A new CD, Autumn Leaves, includes his renditions of French standards. Jean-Pierre also authors The Left-Handed Musician which deals with the problems of being "other-handed"— when instruments are almost universally made for right-handed musicians.

Jean-Pierre studied music composition at LaSchola Cantorum in Paris and conducting and film scoring at L'Ecole Normale de Musique. He taught music theory in the Music Conservatory of Saint-Lo in Normandy and produced programs for France Culture Radio. His concert pieces have been performed in the United States, France and Mexico. Jean-Pierre Tibi has an MA in music composition from UCLA, where he also studied for a Ph.D. in music composition.

For more information on Jean-Pierre's work, see JPT Music.



The Monkey Kid, Official Selection, 1995 Cannes International Film Festival


Jean-Pierre Tibi, his first evening in Beijing for the recording of The Monkey Kid soundtrack, April, 1994

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