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MT Randall

MT Randall is a seasoned hair stylist with over twenty years of experience under her belt. Her skills with color, cutting, and extensions have earned her several committed clients in the entertainment industry. MT has trained with some of the most sought after founders of custom hair coloring and precision cutting. She has taught and prepared stylists for the California State Boards.

MT has recently taken her passion for period work onto the set. Working with the “Debussy Has Left the Building” crew, MT demonstrated her incredible expertise of exacting styles from the 1900’s. MT also acted in the film and was as great in front of the camera as she was in preparing others for their closeups.

Whether it is the Baroque period, the 40’s, 50’s or today, MT produces high quality creative hair work.

MT Randall resides in Los Angeles and can be contacted at

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MT working with Janine Doyon in pre-production styling for Debussy has Left the Building

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