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Eggs in America

by Jane Beaumont Hall, Petra Luna Knieper and Richard A. Doyon

A screwball romantic comedy, fish-out-of-water story, about Jan, who comes to America from Germany and becomes seduced by the good, the bad and the ugly of Hollywood only to finally realize that none of it is worth the true love that he’s lost.

Goose Pond

by Richard A. Doyon and Jane Beaumont Hall

A romance that blends Romeo and Julliette with On Golden Pond to give us a funny and sweet love story set in the early 60’s between French Canadian Antoine and Boston Brahman Katherine who, in the sunset of their lives, overcome tradition, family, and the ghosts of their pasts, to find true love on Goose Pond.

Tillamook Treasure
(In post-production. Release May - June 2006)

by Jane Beaumont Hall and Richard A. Doyon

A family adventure story with a twist of magic realism about the lonely 14 year old Julie, whose family seems to be falling apart when they move in with relatives on the Oregon coast after her Dad is laid off. When she learns about the legend of the Tillamook Treasure, she solves the mystery only to trade the gold for the true treasure of her family’s reuniting.

White Madonna

by Richard A. Doyon and Jane Beaumont Hall

An exotic action adventure love story that blends the magic realism of the Amazon, a cynical American running from his ghosts of the past, the beautiful and mysterious Maria, an Amazon Indian tribe, and a Svengalish madman obsessed with possessing a White Madonna, the legendary rare white river dolphins that transform into dazzlingly beautiful women to mate with humans.

Queen of Spades

by Jane Beaumont Hall and Richard A. Doyon

A mystery love story, based in part on Pushkin’s Queen of Spades, set in steamy 1800 New Orleans, that interweaves murder, deceit, love, sex, ghosts, and greed, into a complex thriller filled with lots of twists and turns.


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