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Richard Doyon


Richard Doyon is in Bright Light Studio's productions of Tillamook Treasure (author with Jane Beaumont Hall), The Mission and Debussy Has Left the Building (author)


As Clyde in Tillamook Treasure enjoying
sugar donuts

Mary Stein as Billie & Richard Doyon as Clyde
in Tillamook Treasure


As George in The Mission getting his comeuppance by a pack of pugs.

In 1992 he co-founded Bright Light Studio with Jane Hall. They developed several multimedia projects including ThinkingStudio™, winner of the Oracle Million Dollar Challenge Grant. ThinkingStudio combines film, text, music, and other media with a unique create development program to help elementary and high school students learn and practice critical thinking skill.

He also developed the technology for the Digital Exploratory Exhibition System which was used to create (with director Fabian Wagmister) the award winning ..dos, tres, muchos Guevaras. A Finalist in the 2000 Leonardo New Horizons Awards, ...dos tres muchos Guevaras has shown in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, San Jose (Costa Rica), Santiago and Havana and is scheduled to become a permanent exhibit at the Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba.

Richard co-authored four feature film scripts with Jane Hall. And, with Jane and Petra Luna, co-authored Eggs in America, winner of the Palme d'Or for Best Script at the 2003 Beverly Hills Film Festival.



Richard Doyon and Jane Hall at Angela Thompson salon in Los Angeles.


Petra Luna, Nino Simone (President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival), Jane Hall, and Richard Doyon at the 2003 Awards presentation.


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